This manual of style is made and should be used in the layout of each article to make sure that we end up with no stub articles and that all of them have a fair amount of information on each.


In this part of the article you describe what the character looks like.


In this part of the article you would describe what the character is like, meaning their personality.


In this part of the aaarticler you discribe the character's past.


This is where you put summaries of each arc

Urban Legend arc

Baby Universe arcEdit

Tatsuo and the Dragon arcEdit

Elmore Wood arcEdit

Visions arcEdit

Revised: 12/2 arcEdit

Tenju's Root arcEdit

Mukurojima arcEdit

WISE arc (for Miroku and co.)Edit

Pacs Code arc (for Ageha and co.)Edit

Invasion arcEdit

Battle of Psyren arcEdit

Promised Tears arcEdit


If the character uses any equipment this is where you would right about it.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Natural AbilitiesEdit

If any, in case of Amamiya, she is skilled in using a sword.


Main PSI and Type.

Other AbilitiesEdit

Trance, Rise, Burst, Nova, Almighty


In this part of the article you would write fun-facts and things about the character.


This is where you can write some quotes of the character.




If there is a navbar for the character in the article, put it here.

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